"Compromise means working out differences to forge a solution which fits the diversity of the body politic."

-Governor Madeleine Kunin


In the myriad echo chambers that constitute our current media and politics, it can be easy to resort to group polarization. By associating with those who share your identical beliefs, however, you imprison yourself within your comfort zone.

It isn't hard to have an opinion. What's hard is understanding the opinions of others. Realistically speaking, your political party, your ideology, or your creed cannot possibly hold all of the answers. The world and its issues are far too complicated for one viewpoint to solve. 

For these reasons, we must come together, not in spite of our differences, but because of them.

The Freeman Forum strives to provide a platform for cross-perspective topical Engagement. We want to promote discussion over division. Above all, the Freeman Forum aims to be a place where we, together, discover and create nonpartisan solutions to our nation's problems.